About Us

Our History

Founded as Cleveland Buildings Preservation Trust Limited in 1982, the name was changed to Tees Heritage Trust Ltd in 2013 to more accurately reflect the breadth of the Trust’s purpose and its geographical area of operation.

Our Organisation

We are: –

  • a registered charity : registration number: 512497;
  • registered as a company limited by guarantee registration number: 1618592;
  • registered with the Architectural Heritage Fund;
  • a member of the UK Association of Preservation Trusts; and
  • an enrolled “environmental body” with ‘ENTRUST’, regulator of the Landfill Communities Fund, a source of grants for environmental projects.

How we work:
Tees Heritage is a not-for-profit organisation whose principal method of operation is to acquire historic buildings, threatened by neglect and redundancy and where their rescue is beyond the scope of normal market forces i.e. buildings no-one else wants or which serve no practical purpose. They are then brought back into usable condition by repairing them to the highest conservation standards with the assistance of grants, loans and donations. Any surplus funds made on the disposal of properties are then used to fund future projects.

The Trust may also acquire and preserve land, artefacts or other objects of historical, architectural, artistic, archaeological, constructional or environmental interest.

Today the Trust tends to operate in partnership with others rather than running its own projects. The focus is on working with community groups and local authorities bringing specialist skills and knowledge to help them to achieve their ambitions to repair and restore cherished historic buildings and sites.

The Trust has a small membership and is operated by a Council of Management comprising representatives of relevant professions, local amenity and special interest groups and local authorities. All members are volunteers; the Trust has no paid staff and no regular funding other than grants and loans attracted for particular projects. Membership is open to any local authority in the Tees Valley area and to persons or organisations who support the Trust’s objectives.

Our Directors

  • Charles Morris, Chairman
  • John Harrison
  • Peter Morgan
  • Stewart Ramsdale
  • Geoffrey Skeoch
  • Vincent Smith
  • Ian Stubbs
  • Margaret Walters